2014 Starting Again

For me, even when I was out of the school world, September was always when the clock reset (rather than typical markers of January or my birthday).  I’m excited to be back at school; I’m looking forward to what this year’s iteration of our classes and community will be.

I’m reclaiming a wordpress site I started in my first year at St George’s; you’ll see other sites on the Passé Composé page.

Welcome to 2014-2015, it’s good to see you.

‘The Forgotten’

At our Wednesday assembly in celebration of Arts Week at Saints, we had artist Pamela Masik speak to us about her project, ‘The Forgotten’.  A series of portraits depicting 69 women who are (or have been) listed as missing or murdered from the DTES of Vancouver.  Masik’s work, which we saw samples of hanging in the Great Hall over International Women’s Day, is striking, though not without controversy.  Explore the links below as a starting point to consider the ideas of who has the right to tell stories, appropriation, use of voice and the impact of the cancellation of the show by UBC’s Museum of Anthropology.

Pamela Masik: The Forgotten
National Post: Museum drops artist accused of exploiting subjects (01/14/11)
Vancouver Observer: Part 1 (When an Outsider…), Part 2 (With ‘The Forgotten”…), Part 3 (Murdered victims…) (02/08/11)