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‘The Forgotten’

At our Wednesday assembly in celebration of Arts Week at Saints, we had artist Pamela Masik speak to us about her project, ‘The Forgotten’.  A series of portraits depicting 69 women who are (or have been) listed as missing or murdered from the DTES of Vancouver.  Masik’s work, which we saw samples of hanging in the Great Hall over International Women’s Day, is striking, though not without controversy.  Explore the links below as a starting point to consider the ideas of who has the right to tell stories, appropriation, use of voice and the impact of the cancellation of the show by UBC’s Museum of Anthropology.

Pamela Masik: The Forgotten
National Post: Museum drops artist accused of exploiting subjects (01/14/11)
Vancouver Observer: Part 1 (When an Outsider…), Part 2 (With ‘The Forgotten”…), Part 3 (Murdered victims…) (02/08/11)


More from Less

We often think “what’s the point of learning this?”… I’ve been there too!  Here’s a great example of putting learning into something practical, something we need to do more of in school!

Read about Marcus Tan’s project here for the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair!

Socials 8 Glogs

For our unit on the Middle East, we focused on the question: “What contemporary and historical factors allow us to better understand the current situation in the Middle East and North Africa?”

Students created posters (online or traditional).  Here are a few of the online posters that were very well done by Chris Li and Chris Jeon, Ian Tai, Seho and Michael.

Socials 8 Field Trip

On February 24th, all of the Socials 8 classes escaped to the wider classroom of our neighbouring city, Richmond, to explore five places of worship together.  It was a remarkable day of quiet reflection, a delicious lunch, engaging speakers and hands on learning.   Thanks to Ms. Worth for organising the day and the other subject teachers for supporting our day away from Saints.

Click on the photo below to see a slide show of the day.

We visited:

Vedic Cultural Centre (Hindu)
Richmond Jami’a Mosque (Islam)

Lingyen Mountain Temple (Buddhist)
St Joseph the Worker Parish (Christian)
Beth Tikvah Congregation (Judaism)