Socials 11 (D)

Term 3

Wednesday June 8
I will be available for extra help especially on(email me to set up a time)

  • Friday June 10th (all day)
  • Monday June 13th (noon until 2)
  • Wednesday June 15th (all day)
  • Friday June 17th (morning)
  • Monday June 20th (all day)

Sample Essay topics from previous years:

  • Explain how Canadians responded to the Great Depression.  Your answer must include political, economic and social examples.
  •  To what extent is overpopulation the main cause of poverty in the developing world? Both sides of the argument must be addressed to receive full marks.
  •  To what extent did World War One and World War Two have a negative impact on the Canadian home front?
  •  Explain the political, social and economic challenges in finding solutions to environmental threats that affect Canadians.


Assignment Update 11am June 6

Thursday June 2:
Class Notes: Environment 1/2.  Focus on Water.
Homework: Questions on page 436

Wednesday May 18th
Class Notes: Population 1/2
Resources: Handout NotesChapter 11 Excerpts, Diane Francis article, Colby Cosh response
Homework: Review and complete notes.

Tuesday May 17th
Assignment Update.  See drop dead dates at the end of the columns.  Assigned on dates refer to the date you can find the assignment below.

Monday May 16th
Class Notes: Introduction to Human Geo.  Free write and group thinking on two questions that will guide our inquiry over the last weeks: 1) What are the forces of change in the world? 2) What separates Canada from the rest of the world.  Distribution of exam study book.
Resources: Pearson Chapter 11 excerpts, Link to IRPs
Homework: Read Chapter 11 excerpt, Complete Gov/Politics assignment that was due today.

Thursday May 12th
Class Notes: Work period on end of chapter exercises (see Chapter 10 package).
Homework: Complete exercises, due Monday.

Tuesday May 10th
Class Notes: Review of questions from last day, Charter and Human Rights.
Resources: Chapter 10 excerpts.
Homework: Review material.

Friday May 6th
Class Notes: Election review, active citizenship.
Resources: Globe and Mail results, Student Vote results, Counterpoints text selections, Vancouver Sun Article (Electronic Voting)
Homework: Pg 312 in Counterpoints package #1, 3 & 4.

Wednesday May 4th
Updated FPTP/STV/MMR slides

Thursday April 28th
Class Notes: What is the fairest voting methodology for Canada?
Resources: Slides, Rep by Pop reading, wikispaces
Homework: Response if not finished in class (6 pt scale), test next Friday May 6th

Tuesday April 26th
Class Notes: Is the Canadian electoral process a model for emerging democracies?
Resources: Slides, Note-taking version of slides, readings
Homework: Wikispace posting

Tuesday April 12th
Class Notes: Extremist political ideologies, Town Hall assignment introduction and preparation time (bring your computers).
Resources: Town Hall Assignment, ThreeHundredEight blog

Homework: Complete your report and prepare your remarks for next day.

Friday April 8th
No Class- Georgians’ Career Day

Wednesday April 6th
Class Notes: Political Spectrum  (global and Canadian), political ideology self assessment #1,
Resources: Slides, Political Parties chart, CBC Vote Compass, Political Compass, Being an Active Citizen: Self Assessment #1, Ideologies, Ideologies Chart
Homework: Complete political parties chart notes and complete one of the two additional self-assessments (bring in a print-out of your results).

Monday April 4th
Class Notes: Unit overview and learning objectives, Government Overview (levels, branches, constitution).
Resources: Slides, Unit Overview, Being an Active Citizen: Bingo, Levels, Branches, 1970s/1980s/1990s Test Part 2 Update (need these by Friday)
Homework: Keep up with the election news throughout the course of the campaign.  Each class will start with a brief discussion of the news of the day.

Terms 1 and 2

Welcome to Social Studies 11!

September 8, 2010
Class Notes: Welcome to the 2010-2011 School year!  Today was a short, 30 minute introduction to me, your classmates and the course.
Handouts: Course Syllabus, Unit 1 Outline.
Homework: None.  See you tomorrow.  SC

September 9, 2010
Class Notes: Review Unit Outline and Term 1 Projects, as referenced yesterday.  Overview to historical thinking and how we will use it to “do” social studies and brief inquiry using this photo.  Textbooks were also collected from the book room.
Handouts: Term 1 Projects, Historical Thinking organiser, group task and personal response.
Homework: Complete personal response, read pages as referred on Unit Outline.  See you Monday.  SC.

Monday September 13th
Class Notes: Reading quiz (all future reading quizzes will be similar to this in length, focus and structure.  Read for meaning and how the details fit into the larger picture), update on working groups (list will be updated and finalized on Wednesday).  We then considered the context of the early 20th Century, and Canada in the early 20th Century, specifically the Canadian identity issue.  Began presentation on the Boer war, to be finished next class.
Handouts and Resources: Canada in the 20th Century presentation, Article 1 (Norman Hillier), Article 2 (Paul Brethour)
Homework: Read article on recruitment for next class (also available directly from the Canadian War Museum.  Use Reading Worksheet to guide your reading.  Note: Sept 14 11:45am- I’ve updated the format of the article to be 97-2003 word version… if this doesn’t work, please use the link to the Canadian War Museum directly.  SC

Wednesday September 15th
Class Notes: Discussed reading and presentation/discussion on recruitment.  Townhall discussion (using the historical perspective benchmark).
Handouts and Resources: Presentation: Recruitment, Working Group Project Assignments and Presentation Schedule
Homework: Write a summary of perspectives of two groups (other than your own), identifying underlying economic, socio-political and cultural issues that influence this perspective.  Conclude with your own assessment of the decision to implement conscription and read 40-45, 56-63 for Friday (change to outline)

Friday September 17
Class Notes: Reading Quiz #2.  Began WWI notes task. Please use the templates below for your slides.  You will have 20-30 minutes at the start of Tuesday’s class to complete these notes.  Email the two files to me (notes and slides).  They will be posted Thursday night and you will have to make a response to them (by posting a comment below) by Monday September 27th.
Powerpoint template

Powerpoint template 97-03 version
Homework: as above.

Tuesday September 21st
Class Notes: Complete WWI notes task, class work period for term project A.
Handouts/Resources: All previously posted.
Homework: Email completed outline by end of class.

Thursday September 23rd
Class Notes: Research period in the library, meet there.
Handouts/Resources: All previously posted.
Homework: Complete Term Project A, presentations are Monday.  Respond to WWI notes, posted Thursday night by Monday.

Collaborative Notes (Respond as requested by using the comment option below.  Comments will be posted unedited, after a short delay.  Please advise me (email) of any technical difficulties, or if your submission is not here and you have sent it to me.)

Players- Civilian
(Jack R)
Notes Powerpoint Slides
Players- Military
(Varun, Bastian)
Notes Powerpoint Slides
(Lucas, Hanyang)
Notes Powerpoint Slides
Weaponry & Technology
(Jack H, Alex)
Notes Powerpoint Slides
Weaponry & Technology
(Calvin, Shane)
Notes Powerpoint Slides
Outbreak of War Notes Powerpoint Slides
Allied Forces
(Charley)Allied Forces
(Arthur, Tony)
Powerpoint Slides
Powerpoint Slides
German Alliance
(Cameron, Phillip)
Notes Powerpoint Slides
Western Front
(Robert, Usman)
Notes Powerpoint Slides
Eastern Front
(Matt H, Ian)
Notes Powerpoint Slides
Home Front
(Dom, Bashir)
Notes Powerpoint Slides

Monday September 27th
Class Notes:
Review WWI collaborative research slides.  Begin presentations.
Handouts and Resources: Peer evaluation template.
Homework: Review readings, prepare for WWI test Tuesday.

Group Members
Groups to Evaluate
1- Charley, Arthur, Jack, Nelson War Correspondence 4, 5, 6
2- Usman, Ian, Matt, Robert Vimy Ridge 4, 5, 6
3- Phillip, Calvin, Cameron, Shane Ypres 4, 5, 6
4- Matt, Bashir, Charlie, Alex The Somme 1, 2, 3
5- Varun, Bastian, Jack, Dom Film/Literature 1, 2, 3
6-Tony, Lucas, Hanyang Propaganda 1, 2, 3

Wednesday September 29th
Class Notes:
Finished presentations of Set 1; lecture/discussion/film clips on the Paris Peace Conference and the Legacies of WWI.
Handouts and Resources: WWI Legacies and Paris 1919 slides, National Film Board homepage of Paris 1919.
1) Go to class wikispace, and add a posting responding to “Paris 1919 was about…”.  Looking for well-crafted, well-supported, thoughtful responses.
2) Read pgs 78/79, 82/83, 94/95 and 98/99 for Friday.
3)Test #1 Tuesday- Outline.  SC

Friday October 1st
Class notes:
Started Canada and the 1920s. To be continued next Thursday
Handouts and Resources: Political (Article, Article 2), Social (Article), Economic (Article), slides, notes sheet.
Homework: Review for test on Tuesday.  SC

Tuesday October 5th:
Class Notes:
mid unit test, WWI.
Homework: Finish your article and questions for Thursday.  SC

Tuesday October 12th
Class Notes: Reading Quiz (textbook response questions) on the three major activist issues in the 1920s.  Discussion of these three issues and contemporary parallels.
Handouts: Stock Market Crash, Person’s Case and Aboriginal Activism
: Read pages 122-129 for Thursday and review one of the websites below to inform a discussion on the parallels of ‘then and now’.  SC

Monday October 18th
Classnotes: Review reading of The Great Depression and the Dirty Thirtees and discussion on the causes of the depression.  Research time for “Impacts” assignment.
Handouts and Resources: Article: Great Depression and Dirty Thirties, Article: Home Made Solutions and Foreign Panaceas, Impacts Assignment Sheet.
Homework: Read Article: Home Made Solutions, and discussion posting on wikispace.

Wednesday October 20th
Class Notes: Review of Impacts of Depression activity sheet and wikispace discussions. Research and reporting on the following topics, using these guiding questions:

  • Political- CCF (Calvin, Shane, Phil, Cameron), Social Credit (Nelson, Jack R), Duplessis
  • Social- On to Ottawa Trek, Use of Radio (Varun, Alex, Jack H, Bastian, Dom)
  • Economic- Roosevelt New Deal (Charley, Tony, Arthur, Charlie), Bennett New Deal (Usman, Robert, Ian, Matt H, Bashir)

Through the Cause and Consequence Benchmark lens, considering:

  • What were each of these reacting to?
  • What was their perspective on the underlying causes of the depression and articulated solutions to it?
  • What direct/indirect contribution did the topic have to the era?
  • What relevance is there to modern context?

Homework: Be prepared to spend another 20 minutes on your topic on Tuesday, and then present orally to the class.  Enjoy the midterm break.  SC

Tuesday October 26th:
Class notes: Completed presentations on the economic, political and social impacts of the depression.
Homework: Read pgs 112 and 113 for Thursday.

Thursday October 28th
Class Notes: The rise of fascism; groups are responsible for collective note taking.  Notes should be handed in at the end of class for scanning and uploading.
Handouts/Resources: Notes sheet, presentation, article from Encyclopedia Britannica
Homework: Start planning project #2- presentations are November 16th, posting to wikispace.  SC

Monday November 1st
Class Notes: Completion of our discussion on facism.  Read page 146, and watched a video clip on King’s interactions with Hitler.

Notes pages

Factor Posters

Homework: Respond to posting on wikispace, read pages 150-151, 142-143.

Wednesday November 3rd
Class Notes: Reading Quiz, and work period on projects.
Homework:  Start reading prologue from “Selling the Holocaust” for Tuesday.  Epilogue is included for those who wish further exploration of the issue.  Use the reading guide to focus your reading.  SC

Tuesday November 10th:
Class Notes: working through Cole’s Selling the Holocaust.
Handouts and Resources: group worksheet, presentation.
Homework: Re-read your section, we will revisit these issues on Friday.  Respond to wikispace posting.

Friday November 12th:
Class Notes:




Pg 152-153

Pg 156-157

Pg 158-159





Tuesday November 16th
Class Notes: Presentations

Thursday November 18th:
Class Notes: Presentations and WWII Canadian Perspective (women, Japanese Internment and Civilian War Effort).
Handouts and Resources: Exam Outline, pages included in exam:

18-19, 24-25, 40-47, 54-63, 78-79, 82-83, 94-95, 98-99, 112-113, 122-129, 142-143, 150-153, 156-165.

Homework: Review for Exam.

Thursday November 25th, 2010
Exams have been canceled for today due to snow.  We will write a modified version of the exam in class on Thursday December 1st.  Your mark will be calculated with the exam and without, and you may choose the mark you prefer.  SC.

Thursday December 2nd
Class Notes: Test.

Monday December 6th
Class Notes: Review of exam/test.  Legacies of WWII: immigration policy and the united nations, questions completed on one of the articles and discussion held on one topic- canada’s military should focus solely on peacekeeping.  Text Pages 166-167 and 170-171.
Handouts and Resources: Question page
Homework: Peacekeeping discussion group make a reflective comment about the discussion on wikispaces.

Wednesday December 8th
Class Notes: Time to complete second article questions.  Immigration group had their conversation- some insightful comments, and very focused on economic benefit to Canada of refugees/immigrants.  What about the moral obligation of Canada as a wealthy country in the grand scheme of things?  Discussion of Canada as a middle power (see here for the class notes we took) and introduction of peacekeeping inquiry.

Friday December 9th
Class Notes: Work period on peacekeeping inquiry.
Handouts and resources: Assignment instructions above.
Homework: Complete peackeeping article for Tuesday.

Tuesday December 14th
Class Notes: Discussion on peackeeping mission research, including how the missions contributed to two themes of the course: Autonomy and International Involvement and Society and Identity.
Handouts and Resources: Readings from Canada a People’s History (Intro and Red Scare).
Homework:Read Red Scare article and finish any outstanding assignments.  I have posted an update on the most recent assignments due on wikispace.

Thursday December 16th
Class Notes: First portion of 13 days.
Handouts and Resources
Homework: Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!  SC

Wednesday January 12th
Class Notes: Canada and the Cold War
Handouts and Resources: In class assignment, due end of class; intro to Cold War, class notes, Granatstein article.
Homework: Complete Part II of the inclass assignment.  Remember the target is 30-45 minutes (not 5, not 75).  Due Friday. SC.

Friday January 14th
Class Notes: 1950s part II- Cold War, Nato and intro to Residential Schools.
Handouts and Resources: 1950s slides, Washington Treaty, NATO Thematic Listing, Where are the Children.
Homework: Read the Grade 11 “textbook” on Where are the Children, and discussion posting regarding Canada & Cold War on wikispaces.

Tuesday January 18th
Class Notes: 1950s Part III- Residential Schools.  Reading Assignments:

  • ALL- Intro (Page 1), Conclusion (Page 11
  • Group 1- Chapter 1 Policy: Assimilation (Page 2-3)
  • Group 2- Chapter 1 Policy:Segregation (Page 4-5)
  • Group 3- Chapter 1 Policy:Integration (Page 5-6)
  • Group 4- Chapter 1 Policy:Self Determination (Page 6-7)
  • Group 5- Chapter 2 Implementation:First Nations Students (Page 8 )
  • Group 6- Chapter 2 Implementation:Metis Students (Page 9)
  • Group 7- Chapter 2 Implementation:Inuit Students (Page 10)

Handouts and Resources: Where are the Children Bookcase, Where are the Children Video, wikispace, signing up for QuizStar.
Quizzes: See reading schedule for quiz schedule (i.e. Quizzes #1-4 are due January 24).  We will be conducting a trial run of a website called QuizStar for the first four quizzes.  The quizzes are available now until January 24th.  You have one chance to take them, and will not see the answers or your score.  Please sign up and join the SS11 class (see the ‘signing up for QuizStar’ above).  I’ll be soliciting your feedback along the way.  As a reminder, you are responsible for completing these reading quizzes on your own time.  The next set will be posted after January 24th.

Homework: Postings for residential schools reading & see reading schedule (updated below);  Sign up for QuizStar.

Thursday January 20th
Class Notes: 1960s 1, Overview and Ideas
Handouts and Resource: 1960s slides, MLK speech text video, Medium is the Message article, CBC archives on McLuhan.  Assignment update posted on wikispace.
Homework: Quizzes 1-4, get organised on QuizStar (see Jan 18 for instructions)

Monday January 22nd
Class Notes: Part 2 of 1960s Issues lecture and discussion/investigation of the common and in-depth meaning of McLuhan’s famous statement: The medium is the message.  Thanks for your feedback on quizstar- it seems to be going well… please keep me updated on how you feel about this process and the technology itself (the medium and the message?? ha).
Homework: Complete quizzes 1-4 on quizstar.  Absolute final deadline is sometime tomorrow (Jan 25).  The next round of quizzes will be posted tomorrow and will be multiple-guess.

Wednesday January 26th
Class Notes: Focus on Quiet Revolution and FLQ/October Crisis.

Resources for Quiet Revolution:

Resources for FLQ/October Crisis:


Wednesday January 26th
Class Notes:

Thursday January 27th
Quizzes 5, 6, and 7 are posted on QuizStar. They are due February 1st. On two of the quizzes, there is a short answer as the last question.  This will not be automatically marked, and you will get that back from me separately.  The score that pops up at the end of the quiz will reflect all the multiple choice questions.  You must get the answer completely correct- there are no half marks in QuizStar (and no crying in baseball).  If you feel a question/answer combination commits a grave injustice to your education, please see me.

Friday January 28th
Class Notes: 1970s 1: Multiculturalism
Resources: Slides to guide discussion, Citizenship and Immigration Canada: Multiculturalism homepage, 1988 Multiculturalism Act
Homework: Consider the response question, work on quizzes 5-7.

Tuesday February 1st
Class Notes: 1970s 2: Multiculturalism take 2.

Quiz Scores 1-4 sorted by id (not alpha)

Homework:   Finish quizzes 5-7 & ….

Thursday February 3
Class Notes: The world in 1970 & focus on trade.  Review of immigration responses.
Handouts and Resources:


Monday February 7th
Class Notes: The world in 1980s, Canada/US relationship through prism of trade, video In Bed with an Elephant (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5)
Resources: Slides 1980s, Slides Canada/US relationship, Backgrounder to Free Trade, Video work.

Updated class schedule

Quiz Updates (as of February 6)

Handouts: Complete In Bed with an Elephant work.

Thursday February 10th
Class Notes: Aboriginal Self-government.
Resources: Slides, Group work tasks, wikispace.

News clips:

Homework: Review your group’s task for next day in the “group work tasks” document above.

Tuesday February 15th
Class Notes: Group work on Aboriginal self-government and response #2.  Towards the end of term, would you rather watch Hotel Rwanda or Welcome to Sarajevo?
Handouts and Resources
: Group work tasks, wikispace
: Readings for 1990s (324-25, 334-35, 354-55, 336-37)

Thursday February 17th

Monday February 21st
Class Notes: 1990s Part 1 (Peacekeeping).

Wednesday February 23rd
Class Notes: 1990s Part 2 (Decade in Review and Unity Crisis)

Homework: 1) Complete assigned reading (see below) from Supplementary Reading, 2) Review Great Canadian Questions website and select a topic (solo or with a partner). 3) Quizzes 8 & 9  posted, due Tuesday March 1.

Reading Assignment:

pg 334-336 Charlie, Matthew H, Shane, Bastian,Jack R, Cameron, Charley, Dom

pg 337-342 Nelson, Varun, Tony,  Usman,Calvin, Jack H, Philip, Lucas

pg 350-353 Matthew C, Hanyang, Robert,Bashir, Ian, Alex, Arthur

Friday February 25th
Class Notes
: Critical Challenge Work Period 1.
Resources: Great Questions of Canada, Historica- Dominion Institute, Critical Challenge Assignment
Homework: Critical Challenge work (if planned), complete quizzes 8 and 9.

Tuesday March 1st
Class Notes
: Critical Challenge Work Period 1.

Quiz Clarification
#8-pages 324-325,334-335,354-355, 336-337
#9- slides from 1990s and UN Association of Canada backgrounder
#10 (optional)- all material from Quiz #1-#9

Homework: Continue work on Challenge Assignment.

Thursday March 3rd
Class Notes:
Critical Challenge Work Period 2, Great Questions of Canada

Test Information:

– open book (text, slides, wordpress)
– 5-6 questions choose 2-3 for response
– 1970s, 1980s, 1990s
– bring your own computer if you wish to type responses

Homework: Optional Quiz #10, complete project and bring in for Monday.

Monday March 6th
Class Notes: Open book assessment (test) on 70s, 80s, 90s, final project deadline, quizzes due.
Resources: Open book assessment.

Quizzes– all are  open, lowest score will be dropped, #10 optional is posted (will only be counted if it is a net gain)
Projects– due today by email or by hand. Wednesday you will informally share your work with 1/2 the class.
Test– finish at least 6 points today and hand in. Rest will be completed Wednesday.

Wednesday March 9th
Critical Challenge Products

Cam and Phil Charley and Lucas Arthur and Hanyang
Ian BastianVideo Usman and Bashir
Dom Tony and Varun
Charlie and Matt C
Robert Jack R
Matt H Alex and Jack HComing Friday (@ Provincials last week)

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